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Everyone should start doing this

Reblog for good grades

Worth a shot.

My professor actually recommended this!


And if you find an article which you want to use, but all you get is the abstract and not the full article, go on Ask a Librarian and tell them what you need, give them the DOI of that specific article you found, and they can find you that article online FOR FREE

and when citing, don’t use Easybib for APA, but use Bibme because on Easybib you gotta pay for everything not MLA.

Go on Ask a Librarian to help you with loads of shit. Like databases. Databases are hella. Use the super common ones like EBSCO, and Gale, and shit like that like take advantage of that if you have a lunar at card for your county, check on the library website for databases. Use those for research in school!

Also make sure that the the article or whatever you’re using is peer reviewed if you want it to be scholarly, because if it’s not then it’s only academic and not scholarly. Common mistake made.

And if you DO use a website, make sure that it’s actually reliable. Not all .org or .edu are reliable. There are some .com which are reliable, but not all. Dig into it, find out what’s good. Check who wrote the shit. Check their credentials. If you can’t find any, probably shouldn’t use that site. Remember, you are hardly ever gonna find scholarly websites (idk if they exist. P sure they do), but academic is possible.

Check the sources. Find better resources. Better resources=better work produced from you. Better research skills.

Good luck!

ffholicst asked: Time for a dream list! Share four dream goals you have. They can be anything: small, big, long term, impossible. That’s why it’s called a dream list, after all. Then send this to three other people

I like these ask though!
1) I want to lose 10 pounds
2) I want better grades (not because my grades are bad)
3) I want to get married one day..
4) running 10 km without stopping
I’m sorry but I can’t send this to tre other blogs. I’m on my phone…

Grand master potato

Anonymous asked: I have 3 questions 1- Where are you from? 2- Do you have DA? 3- Do you have XS/C Oc's

1) I’m from Denmark

2) I do, but I never use it

3) I’ve thought about them, but never drawn them.

”and that’s how I caught Wuyen in the puzzle box”

”grand master Dashi, please tell me more about the goodness you have done” 

”only If you give me some more cake. Dashi’s rules”

Doodle of Good!jacklyn and Ping Pong♥


Portfolio Gobelins part 04

I started to developp an universe on Egyptian mythology. I had a lot of fun working on those characters :p
More research about backgrounds and universe soon :)

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Early Tangled concept art by Glen Keane

Poor big Flynn got killed and reincarnated as Kristoff.