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Fandoms i'm into: Wreck it ralph, cloudy with a chance of meatballs, care bears, Vocaloid, Xiaolin Showdown, Street Fighter, Tekken, Sanrio, Disney/pixar and mlp fim♥
This blog may also include lots of pink stuff☜♥☞
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I want more monkey jacks

Me too!♥


  • Hot gay dudes obsessed with swimming.
  • Hot gay dudes obsessed with music.
  • Hot gay dudes obsessed with basket.

I see no difference. 

UtaPri + Chibi  || Source


I doodled some Good!Jack Monkies BECAUSE HE’S JUST TOO CUTE AS A MONKEY COME ON,BEST MONKEY,two differentish styles??

Oh my goood!!♥♥

I wouldn’t be anlivable or that much active on tumblr in a couple of days :) I need to study for the exams. So I wouldn’t answer messages or any suggestions :( im sorry ;^;
Maybe I’ll post some doodles… :)


snow white Jack~~



pre-interdimensional spy tomoko + pre-xiaolin dragon of fire kimiko = gosh darn adorable sisters~ 

M-muh feels!!  What have you done?!


Jack can you come here now?


Can someone give me a hug…?  _(:3」∠)_