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Waltz Shacklyn

haven’t really drawn them together yet, so here is something

Shade get yo paws off my bby, Papa Wuyen’s going to slap you silly

Jacklyn just let him kiss you… you would not regret it♥ (¬‿¬)

I want them to dance all night together♥ thank you!♥

nonsense2s asked: Is it OK to share your work on derpibooru?

yes, as long I get the credit for drawing it and there let me know♥ :)

Playing with each others hair is fun♥


sorry…..a sleepy morning from not so sleepy looking Jack/lyn Spicer….

I suck at backgrounds and get really frustrated with them… yeah….looks like Jack is singing and not yawning….

I blame evino-chan (sorry for not giving justice)

she came up with the cute Jacklyn and gfrjkthkjhkgtfjs

I was going to draw some creepy creepers at the back but nope..

this is so cute!♥ i love her outfit! ♥♥ thank you!♥


Jacklyn from evino-chan

she is a cutie!!!♥ thank you sweet manny!!!♥♥

Anonymous asked: Hey have you been seeing the things mistress-of-evil-and-inventions has been posting? I know she's not meaning to be rude or anything but you might want to talk about the Jackie stuff with her.

no, not yet :) I’ll check it out :) and my ask box is always open♥ so she is more then welcome to talk to me about what ever she wants to talk about


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Shade is dead man…


Shadow NO

Carnival Fem!Jack - fem!Jack belongs to Evino-Chan

I evino I blame you for this. Now I ship it so hard it hurts goddammit

”insolent brat!”


An sketch idea that I don’t know where I’m going to finish it bluh 

doodle before I go to sleep♥ this bikini outfit belongs to Pachi♥